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Cube Pharma & Nutrition has already, well established exclusive partnerships with internationally recognized and at the same time specialized - each of which is a world leader in its field of expertise - research and development companies, for the medical detailing and promotion of their innovative products. 

Cube is at the same time concentrated in the research and development of new products and solutions to ensure new or improved treatments or methods to health concerns, significant or less significant, whether these relate to issues requiring specialization or in every day issues that worry and concern thousands of people and parents in the whole world.

Cube Pharma & Nutrition has been successfully granted two family patents in the field of multichamber vessels for use in pharmaceuticals, food and other industries.

Are you interested in exploring the potentials of a collaboration under our IP? 

Please contact us: using under Subject, reference code: IP



We continuously evaluate new product solutions which supersede current solutions' efficacy and safety in the following health areas:

• Gastroenterology

• Nutrition

• Immunology

• Oral health

• ...


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