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The only infant milk coming from milk!

Not mixed ingredients

Dairy Goat Co-operative Ltd.

Dairy Goat Co-operative (DGC) Ltd., Nea Zealand, is the world leader in infant milk from goat milk. DGC is the inventor of infant milk from goat milk (1988). Throughout these 30 years, DGC has managed to keep a continuous evolution and develop a highly sophisticated model of expertise around infant milk based on goat milk, that did lead to the change of the European legislation for infant milks in 2012. DGC is a highly integrated co-operation, where every step of infant milk production from farming and milking to infant milk in the can, is handled, controlled and completed in whole by DGC.



Capricare    range of infant milks is based on whole goat milk. Goat milk is the ideal base for baby milks. There is a variety of important reasons why. The way it is extracted from goat's milking gland is the same to that of human's, maintaining in this way in the milk, part of gland's membrane cell and cytoplasm, the so called valuable "Milk Fat Globule Membrane". This results to whole goat milk being  naturally rich in bioactive nutritional elements such as prebiotic oligosacharites, nucleotides etc. all of which contribute to its unique proprietary functional properties for the baby. Additionally goat milk 


protein has been proved to have low antigenicity and better digestibility. DGC's state-of-the-art, unique and gentle method of production does manage  to maintain all these beneficial properties of goat milk in Capricare  .









Goat milk is by nature the ideal source milk for the production of 

baby milks. It is naturally rich in bioactive nutritional elements (no need for adding externally synthetic substitutes), significantly more digestible and with lower profile of antigeniticity comparing to cow milk.

DGC expertsise and experience next to its proprietary highly gentle method of production secures all the benefits of goat milk leading to a baby milk made from whole goat milk and not a mix of ingredients that is the common practice. This fundamental difference offers the best of the benefits and functionality to the baby!




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"If you want something to be perfectly done, do it yourself" 


...doing everything by ourselves we can guarantee not less than the best!

Alternative and more natural process!
•  Minimal processing
•  Optimised protein content
•  Made using whole goat milk supplemented with
    lactose, minerals, essential vitamins and vegetable oil
•  No added whey proteins
•  No palm oil
•  Retains goat milk fat globule membrane

Capricare    range of infant milks, are based on whole goat milk and come from DGC, the world leader in infant milk from goat milk. 

Capricare    is taking its final form in the state-of-the-art and most sophisticated production facilities in the world designed and constructed from the beginning, exclusively and only for the production of infant milk from whole goat milk.

Capricare    is the perfect choice to supplement breast feeding when breast milk is not sufficient, or become the only source of infant milk when breast feeding is not feasible. Its unique composition allows the formula to be well tolerated by all babies and avoid or lower incidences of colics, constipation and regurgitation which are the most common gastrointestinal disorders in infancy.




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Worldwide 1st

30 years ago we made our vision come true and developed the 1st milk formula from whole goat milk in the world...

From our goats

A species of goats that is selected for the highest quality of their milk

and naturally "devoted" exclusively in milking 

With natural MFGM

Naturally containing the most desired and nutritional "Milk Fat Globule Membrane", a unique source of beneficial nutrients contained in mother's milk!

The most "green" country

... and it was produced and still is, in the most "green" country in the world, that was discovered last, because it is so far and isolated from any other country...

The top production plant

Produced in our facilities, the sophistiacated and exclusively dedicated production plant in the world for producing infant milk exclusively! ...and based only on whole goat milk!

The most studied

The most studied infant milk from goat milk and the only goat milk formula evaluated by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)

From whole goat milk


...and it was produced and still is based on fresh whole goat milk, since 1988

The best product


By doing, monitoring and controlling all the quality steps, from farming to production and caning, we are proud to have accomplished to produce the most natural milk formula ever possible!

The Leader

The goat milk formula based on which's clinical data and evaluation evaluation by EFSA (European Food Safety Authority) the EU directive for infant milks was changed (2012)

From our farmers


...and their land that are devoted exclusively in farming and milking their goats for supplying milk only for baby milk, Capricare...


With full properties


Using whole goat milk so to keep the unique properties of goat milk,

it's digestibility and bioavailability of naturally present prebiotic oligosaccharites, 

nucleotides, amino acids etc. 

The one & only

We developed the 1st,

the most natural, most clinically studied and the only clinically evaluated milk formula based on whole goat milk, in the world...


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