Our strategy is ... our instinct!


"We hear" what you think, "hear" what you want, "hear" within ourselves and in combination with our knowledge and our ongoing awareness of global scientific developments, we focus our dynamics in research, development and marketing in the Greek and international markets, of innovative products, thus making us always a step ahead of evolution.


As a pharmaceutical company we take a step forward and keep our forefront, investing in new and unique products, research and innovation.


Thinking at the same time as parents and as consumers, we are taking by case, this important step backwords, when everything was more simple, more natural, more pure, more innocent, safer and more effective.

Cube Pharma & Nutrition is able to guarantee that the solutions it offers to you all in the areas that focuses, are truly unique, managing to bring together new technologies and constantly improving technology know-how with the good practices of the past!

we builD


for you


Specialty Company

Board member of

Association of Hellenic Enterprises of Baby Food and Specialised Nutrition, member of Specialised Nutrition Europe 


certified company

Green Punkt certified company

WE Have been 


for YOU 

We are...you!


With this in mind, we were created.

Because you do it best when you 

know the problems from inside, whether this means as a company or


"The story behind Cube"

E. Kalofolias

Co-founder and Managing Director

Our logo 
"The story behind oxymoron"

A sphere and a cube. A circle and

a square. A coincidence or a true

and deeper meaning?



We do want to offer to you as much information as possible about how we do it and why we do it. Offer to you the deep knowledge of what does every product offer and why it offers 

what promises, how it works, why it 

works better and if you have any questions we are here to give you all the answers. 

Because we want you to be sure that 

what you use is the best possible solution for you and your family!

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New website released

The new website of Cube Pharma & Nutrition has been completed and released

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New Agreement

Cube and BioGaia futher expand their collaboaration for the promotion of the patented and world's most studied oral health probiotic, BioGaia Prodentis.

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Currently, due to Covid-19 safety measures, all congresses and exhibitions have been postponed


Cue on YouTube

From now on we have our own channel on YouTube!

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