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The story

behind Cube

In 2004, with a previous experience in the pharmaceutical field for three years I became for the first time a happy father of a very sweet (the sweetest of course in my eyes) boy. The world but also the meaning of my life - as is the case with everyone who becomes a parent for the first time - that day changed forever. Nothing was the same anymore and nothing could compare to the power of emotions that could create every smile, look, cry, so pure, innocent and honest in the meanings carried, that thousand words could not describe.

Just a few months after the birth of my son along with some health problems, significant to less significant, I realized within myself that some things were indeed passing by our hand so to improve, that we could offer something really unique and precious as a healthcare company, a smile to all children and a worry less to their parents, exactly what we had been seeking with my wife for our family, our first son, and for the smallest one that followed. This purpose became a life objective, ensuring that thousands of mums, dads and babies would be able to have access to unique products of higher and unique quality, safety and efficiency standards and specifications!

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