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Our logo is made up of the word Cube, which comes from the Greek word "Kubos" and from the symbol of the company, the sphere ... oxymoron someone would think, since in the sound of the word "Cube", everyone would expect to be followed by a corresponding symbol and vice versa. Right ... would expect! But Cube is not what one would expect or one would say or would call "one more pharmaceutical company" and correctly, it is not!


The oxymoron choice does perfectly describe Cube Pharma & Nutrtion. A model of healthcare company whose goal is differentiation, what is not predicted and not to be expected by someone, in a few words "out of the ordinary"


Why cube and sphere?
Both are absolute geometric shapes, foundation blocks

of geometry and life with unique characteristics compared to the other shapes but alongside common attributes if viewed from another angle but also complementary.


The "sphere" indicates perpetual motion. The "cube" absolute stability. The "sphere" indicates the perpetual motion of the company to find new solutions but on a stable basis - on stable basis of the cube - as to the principles and values ​​of the company and in strict contexts as it is its right angles. The quest for finding new and better solutions moves, as someone would say, "on the edge".

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